The Ruport Book

The definitive guide to Ruby Reports. A free-content book written by Gregory Brown and Michael Milner

Ruport in 10 minutes

A rather strange introductory tutorial in comic book form. Shows enough Ruport to get you started, walking you through a simple report that reads in a CSV and outputs PDF, HTML and text reports.

API Documentation

rdoc for the latest version of the ruport gem. If you spot defects in the docs, or are having trouble understanding them, please file bug reports.


Mailing List

You can subscribe to our mailing list to get announcements, ask questions, or participate in discussions about Ruport. Please sign up even if you do not want to receive any mails, so we know who is interested in Ruport out there. All questions are welcome on the list, both support-related and development.


You can catch up with the developers and community members on the #ruport channel on Freenode.


This is the official developer resource listing for Ruby Reports. Keep up to date on repository locations, wikis, bug trackers, and other essential details for ruport and its related projects here.

Developers Mailing List

Though we often have discussions about feature requests and bugs and other development related things on the main list, we usually will announce developer meetings or discuss changes that effect the internals on the dev-list. It's by invite only, but we approve any requests to join that aren't from spammers.


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